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Urlaubsziel Mondsee-Irrsee

The MondSeeLand with its two lakes – the Mondsee and the Irrsee – is quoted in many travel guides as the Pearl of the Salzkammergut. Nestling between mighty mountains at the northern end of the Alps, the Mondsee is the big brother of the Irrsee which lies in the flatter lower Alps.

For road bike friends, the MondSeeLand has been a well kept secret for many years. Quiet side roads, numerous routes, organised training camps, friendly hotels and Europe´s best-loved bike marathon present an infrastructure which is incomparable.

Geographically the MondSeeLand lies on the foothills of the northern Kalkalps. Mountain roads with climbs are to be reached within a few kilometres. The lower Alps stretch to the north where one can make tempo on the flat.

  • Tourismusverband Mondsee – Irrsee – Salzkammergut
  • Dr. Franz Müller Straße 3, 5310 Mondsee
  • Telefon: +43 6232 2270