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Region Mondsee - Irrsee

Racing bike region SalzburgerLand-Salzkammergut

Nestling between impressive mountains at the northern end of the Alps, Lake Mondsee is the big brother of Lake Irrsee which lies in the flatter part of the lower Alps.

Quite roads, numerous routes, organized training-camps, motivated hoteliers and Europes best-loved bike marathon present an infrastructure which is incomparable. 

Geographically the MondSeeLand offers mountain tours with steep climbs and likewise excursions through the flatter lower Alps where one can make tempo on the flat.

Dr. Franz Müller Straße 3
5310 Mondsee
Tel.: +43 6232 2270



7 Nights

Landhotel Marienschlössl Eichingerbauer ****S in Mondsee

pool hotel eichingerbauer
  • Daily tour refreshments from buffet
  • 1 Sports massage 50 min.
  • 4-course gourmet menu of an evening
from € 648,00 »

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pool hotel eichingerbauer

Landhotel Marienschlössl Eichingerbauer ****S

5310 Mondsee

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